Butterfly Pendant for BBEST swap

BBEST Etsy Team Swap

Having a shop at www.etsy.com allows you to be a member of various teams which helps you promote your store, meet other handcrafted artists from all over the world and join in on fun things like swaps. The theme for the fall swap is butterflies and it is so interesting to see what everyone comes up with within there own artistic world. Mine being jewelry, I created a butterfly pendant which hangs from a ribbon necklace. I hope whoever gets it likes it! There are so many beautiful items that everyone has created!


Pipa Pendant made for Sue's Birthday

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Mamma Mia!

I was elated and amazed to wake up this morning, turn on the computer and see that I had 6 comments posted to my Blog! How exciting seeing I had only mentioned it in 2 forums and on the etsy.com site. The internet is truly amazing! Thank you all for your comments.
But, I digress, referring to the title of this blog, my good friend Sue and I went to see Mamma Mia last night. What a uplifting and fun movie - especially to see with a girl friend. Meryl Streep was fabulous and I had no idea that she could sing so beautifully and her daughter Sophia ( played by Amanda Seyfried) has the voice and eyes of an angel. We thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish! I didn't realize how much I enjoyed the music of Abba. In fact, if you had asked me before hearing about Mamma Mia, I would have said "who?"! I've been wanting to see this play since it came out on Broadway, but the movie was much more attainable and alot less expensive to say the least!
Sue and I also went out to celebrate birthday which was a week ago. She's a dear friend whom I've know for about 20 years and she is one of my biggest fans of my jewelry. I had just made a new pendant called a Pipa Knot from a tutorial by De Cors Handmades who is listed as one of my muses. She is adapting chinese knots in jewelry using wire and is a very talented designer! When it was finished I knew that it would be just the piece that Sue would like! Happily, from her reaction, I don't think I was wrong.


Finally! Some New Work!

I haven't had much time this summer to work on jewelry. Life and a job seem to get in the way...But my husband and I finally got a chance to get away to our place near Patten Maine (actually his hunting camp that he has built into a pretty nice house). Because I knew he would spend alot of time riding the woods roads and "scouting", I decided to bring all my jewelry supplies, tools and magazines so that I could get some inspiration. He wondered why I had to bring "everything" but I knew that if I left anything behind - that is the very piece I would want of course! I was happy that I did and ended up making 3 necklaces, playing with and trying out some new techniques. I did go out one early morning with him and we saw a female moose and a blue heron!

20mm Picture jasper necklace


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Amazonite and seed beads

amazonite side view

Moose and Heron